About us

A friend in the telecommunications world.
V-Net is a backbone telecommunications carrier, providing extensive transit capacities that connect Central and Southeast Asia, Australia, and Europe to the global network. With a strong presence in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and expanding operations in Australia and Southeast Asia, we ensure seamless connectivity for our customers.

We pride ourselves on partnerships with major and reliable carriers, as well as notable brands in the industry. While we maintain a robust network of our own, we also collaborate with last-mile carriers to offer flexible solutions that meet even the highest requirements.

Our telecommunication network spans a wide area, delivering unparalleled reliability and service quality. Since 2013, V-Net has grown by leveraging the telecom infrastructures of key partners. Our commitment to continuous network modernization and development, along with the introduction of new technologies and expanding Points of Presence, ensures we provide an ever-broadening range of offerings.

With our diverse experience and dedication to high standards, V-Net is the preferred choice for reliable and high-quality telecommunications services.

Greeting from the Group CEO

We are living in an era when global uncertainty and unthinkable changes in all aspects of life put great importance to trust in partnerships, freedom of choice and speed of response.