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Growing our network since 2013

V-net is a backbone telecommunications carrier focusing on transit capacities between Asia and Europe. We hold strong positions in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan and offer extensive services list in partnership agreements with owners of networks and last miles operators. Our service is supplemented by the fast response times, great flexibility and a number of alternative routes.
What do we do.
We provide telecommunications solutions for other carriers and corporate customers enabling them to connect faster and easier.
Why choose us .
We count fast response time and flexibility our core principals. And guarantee that you will get optimal service offer with required options in a matter of 3 days.
Solutions for carriers.
Transiting IP traffic, connecting over SDH, L2 or establishing point of presence – we are able to offer vast number of solutions to meet your task.


v1_1 (2)

SDH, L2, L3 channels

Any selected bandwidth with RTD as small as 0.75 ms and over 90 inter-connections with last-mile providers
Optimal routes to choose from for traffic transit through Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan and China over our networks or networks of backbone partner operators.
v1_3 (2)

DIA and IP transit

Direct Internet access ports with BGP support for telecom operators and the ability to connect anywhere in Eurasia to our corporate clients with a dedicated Internet connection (DIA)
200 +
Points of Presence
100 +
40 +
Highly qualified technical and operational staff
120 +
Data Centers and connections

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Telecommunication services to connect anywhere in Central Asia


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