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Over a decade of Excellence

Established in 2013, V-net has spent the past decade solidifying its position as a leading backbone telecommunications carrier, providing seamless connectivity between Europe, Asia, and Australia. With strong footholds in Central Asia, and expanding operations in Australia and Southeast Asia, our extensive services are built on a proprietary backbone network and strategic partnerships with major network operators and last-mile carriers across the continent.

We proudly reflect on our achievements and unwavering commitment to delivering fast response times, exceptional flexibility, and a variety of alternative routes. V-net is dedicated to excellence and innovation, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the industry, continually forging stronger connections for years to come.

Wholesale Carrier Solutions
As a wholesale carrier, we provide telecommunications solutions for other carriers, enabling them to provide telecommunications services to their customers, connect faster and more efficiently. We primarily focus on business-to-operator (B2O) services, offering comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of other telecom operators.
Why choose us .
As an independent and private wholesale carrier we prioritize fast response times and flexibility as our core principles. At V-net, we guarantee to provide an optimal service offer with the required options within just three days. Our commitment to efficiency ensures that our customers receive tailored solutions quickly and reliably, making us a trusted partner in the telecommunications industry.
Comprehensive Connectivity Solutions
Transiting IP traffic, connecting over SDH, L2, or establishing a point of presence – V-net offers a wide range of solutions to meet specific needs of telecommunication carriers worldwide. Our extensive capabilities ensure that we can provide the right connectivity options tailored to even strictest requirements, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.

Experience seamless connectivity between Europe, Asia and Australia with our fast, flexible, and reliable services.


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SDH, L2, L3

We offer bandwidth with RTD as low as 0.75 ms on selected routes, and over 90 inter-connections with last-mile carriers, ensuring reliable service tailored to your needs.
Optimal routes to choose from for IP transit through Europe, CIS, China, ASEAN and Australia over our networks or networks of partner backbone carriers.
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Direct Internet Access (DIA) Solutions

We provide direct Internet access ports with BGP support for telecom carriers and the capability to connect anywhere across Eurasia. Our customers benefit from dedicated Internet connections (DIA), ensuring robust and reliable connectivity tailored to their specific needs.

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Telecommunication services to connect anywhere in Europe, Central Asia and Australia