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SDH, L2, L3 telecommunication channels

Engage with our IRU or own networks, continued with partner fiber-optic networks. End-to-end secure, semi-secure, unsecured, two-channel solutions for your choice. Any selected bandwidth with as small as 0.75 mc delay; More than 90 inter-connections with last-mile providers; Guaranteed SLA, cost-effective with 24/7 x365 network monitoring by V-net Network Monitoring Service center.
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Equipment and infrastructure technical support

Outsourcing solution for maintaining and supporting of your equipment and infrastructure. V-net certified technicians are capable of providing support and maintenance of your equipment at desired SLA. We can look after any piece of telecommunication equipment and networks. You may optimize your costs for of technical personnel, storage of spare parts and tools, expensive monitoring equipment by trusting these tasks to V-net. The service is available in cities covered by V-net and can also be provided in other regions.
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Transit capacity from Europe to Asia

Optimal routes to choose from for traffic transit through Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan and China. Utilize our networks or over the networks of backbone partner operators. Choose a route for the various options of main and backup routes and guaranteed SLA. Active and passive equipment on the entire network is backed up to support service reliability.
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Delivery of telecommunication equipment and IT infrastructure together with reliable support

Qualified assistance in choosing the type of equipment to fit your requirements best and finding the reliable vendor is what we can do for you. Trust us the organization of import, customs clearance, certification and obtaining the required permits. We can assist with placement, maintenance and connection of your equipment to communication channels. Our partnerships with major vendors guarantee the best prices and delivery times.
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Deploy your vPoP

Telecom operators looking to expand their geography of presence will benefit in the development of a technical solution and selection of equipment, delivery, installation and connection to telecom operators service from V-net. Our network, reserved capacities and the growing number of interconnections with local last mile operators, in combination with Co-location and technical maintenance services, enable hassle-free deployment of vPoP in a short time. This service is available in areas covered V-net network and can also in other regions.
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Employ our reserved reliable data centers or server rooms across Europe, Central Asia, Caucasus and China with guaranteed unauthorized access protection, controlled climatic conditions, reliable power supply. We can connect your equipment to the Internet and communication channels at high speed. Benefit from our assistance in installation, configuration, provision of remote access, connection to the network of any operator present, as well as maintenance of your telecommunications equipment.
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IP transit and DIA

We offer internet access ports with BGP support for telecom operators and the ability to connect anywhere in Eurasia to our corporate clients with a dedicated Internet connection (DIA).Our networks and infrastructure plus backbone partner operators and Internet content providers ensure reliable and high-speed Internet access with minimal delays.
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Help Desk and Network Control Center at your service

Our network monitoring and a control center with highly qualified operators is ready to provide timely assistance 24 hours 365 days both in English and Russian languages.
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Telecommunications project management services

Benefit from the extensive experience of our Level C IPMA certified specialists and professional support of our Partners in the implementation of any complexity level telecommunication projects from scratch.

Connect easily to most global cloud services providers

Cloud computing, data storage and backup, applications development, virtual web servers and private networks are only a few cloud services we name. V-net B.V. provides our customers with easy connection to most globally known cloud services providers with guaranteed high-performance and the lowest possible latency so that our customers can fully benefit from using clouds in their day-to-day operations.

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