Internet solutions

IP transit and DIA

We’ve been offering wide bandwidth access ports to the Internet (Full view) with BGP support for carries and the option to connect from any point in Eurasia for corporate clients (DIA) since 2013.

Partnership agreements with the major owners of telecommunications infrastructure and of Internet-content allow V-net to become one of the most reliable providers with a broad geographic coverage of Internet access services characterized by minimal delays.


Advantages of IP transit and DIA services from V-net

  • Single provider of telecommunications services;
  • Optimized routes for Internet content;
  • BGP support option for connections;
  • English/Russian speaking Help Desk, available 24x7x365;
  • Individual approach to each client’s requirements;
  • Service supporting any bandwidth requirements (from 64 kbps);
  • More than 90 interconnections with the local last miles providers.