About company

Our Mission

Long-term relationships with corporate clients and telecommunications providers, built on trust, professionalism and optimal solutions.


Company slogan

Your friend in the world of telecommunications.


About Company

V-Net B.V. was founded in 2013 .as the main Service Operator utilizing the telecommunications infrastructure of partners in Russia. Currently, V-Net is an international provider of telecommunications services in Europe, CIS and Asia.

V-Net offers the solutions over the areas covered by the own telecommunication network. These solutions allow Service Providers to be closer to their customers.

Guaranteed reliability, extensive range of partnership agreements with owners of backbone communication networks and last miles operators, as well as fast reaction times and high standards of service quality place V-net among the leading companies in the Eurasian market area based on a broad range of communication services.

Continuous network modernization and development, addition of new Points of Presence and communication nodes, diverse experience of our team and introduction of new technologies allow us to serve the needs of our clients in the ever-broadening spectrum of service offerings.


The main services offered by V-net are:

  • IP transit and DIA
  • Capacity cervices (SDH, L2, L3)
  • Satellite services (clear channels, Internet Access, voice)
  • Transit capacity Europe - Asia
  • Co-location services
  • Supply of telecommunications equipment
  • Technical support of telecommunications equipment and IT infrastructure
  • Virtual Point of Presence (VPoP)
  • Interconnect and transit of voice traffic (VOIP, TDM) and SMS
  • Virtual numbers (DID) and virtual PBX

V-net guarantees individual approach to each client’s requirements, and our team of professionals is ready to offer the best telecommunications solutions for solving any challenges.


Why clients choose us:

  • Service offering within 3 days;
  • Broad geographic coverage and the most complete range of telecommunications services;
  • Certified world-class level technical personnel;
  • English/Russian speaking Help Desk, available 24x7x365;
  • Individual approach to client requirements for all offered services;
  • Innovations and latest technologies;

Due to our strategy of business development, which is based upon building our own telecommunications network on top of capacities of our partners, we are ready to provide the best service to our clients, to meet the most challenging technical requirements.

Our communication nodes and Points of Presence (VPoP) in Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Bratislava, Kiev, Milan, Moscow, Saratov, Almaty, Astana, Atyrau, Bishkek, Dushanbe, Baku, Tbilisi and Hong Kong make it possible to be maximally close to the end users in Europe, CIS, Central Asia and China and to offer the full spectrum of telecommunications services almost everywhere within the boundaries of the Eurasian continent and beyond.

We help you to be close to your customers.


Our Strategy

Continuous modernization, expanding of network coverage and broadening spectrum of offered services, offer our clients the most effective way to embrace the World of Telecommunications and be close to their customers and partners.


Our Values

  • Safe and reliable service;
  • While helping the shareholders and clients to satisfy their commercial interests we achieve the chosen development goals of our Company and those of each employee;
  • We always fulfill our obligations to partners, clients and employees.